Program 2019-2020

LEAD WEEKENDS at Resort Hof van Saxen

  • Condition for participation: diploma music professional education or higher year conservatory student.
  • Intended for conductors from all disciplines (choir, orchestra, HaFaBra etc.).

Annual 3rd weekend of September

With the cooperation of Symphony orchestra VKSO; soloist; chamber choir.

2019: September 20-22 – click here for more information & application
2020: 18-20 September

Participation in the LEAD Conductors Weekend from 20-22 September 2019 costs only € 500 all in. As generous sponsorship Hof van Saxen lunch, dinner and accommodation costs are offered to all participants and can not be discounted if they are not used.

Annual 2nd weekend of February

With the cooperation of professional instrumentalists / vocalists; and with chamber choir

2020: 7-9 February

Concert project

2019-2020: in block periods with final concert

  • exclusively for loyal LEAD participants
  • under the guidance of top teachers
  • program: oratory / opera and symphony